Corvette car show in Lincoln, NE

September 2013

My family went to Lincoln to see the Corvette car show and I had to bring my cameras. I made two mistakes that a photographer should not make. The first was not checking the batteries in my light meter since I was shooting film. The second was not checking the batteries in my digital Fuji X-E1. Both my light meter and digital camera batteries were dead. I did get just a few shots on my digital camera before it died on me. This is before I got two more batteries for the camera. So my plan was to use the digital camera to get an idea of how to meter. I started with the sunny 16 rule and went from there. These photos were taken on a Mamiya medium format camera with a 2 stop polarizing filter and Fuji Velvia 100 film. The last two photos are digital. I'm very happy with how many photos I took with correct exposures since I was guessing. With slide film you have to be almost spot on with exposing the film it's not like color negative film where you can guess and still have images you can work with.