Journey to the West

I decided to move again out West to Arizona for better medical treatment, weather, allergies.... The first time was to go to school at The Conservatory of Recording Arts and Sciences in Phoenix for audio recording. I was in Phoenix for a about a year for school then moved to Los Angeles to intern and work in a recording studio. After school I moved into a small two bedroom apartment with a classmate from school to the Valley in LA. That was the first reality check for the cost of living in California. Our small two bedroom apartment was $1800 a month on a busy street in Studio City. At the time I wasn't paying attention to the news and the financial problems that were starting in 2008.

My internship-assistant job was at a small recording studio in Burbank owned by two session players. Joey one of the owners is a drummer and session player for Beck and played in The Smashing Pumpkins and with R.E.M for a short time. Joey joined Thom Yorke from Radiohead, Flea from the Red Hot Chili Peppers and Nigel Godrich a well known producer to form the band Atoms for Peace. The other owner is Zac who is a keyboard player has played with a long list of musicians and bands. He is also currently on tour with Death Cab for Cutie. My first experience I had in the studio was with the band Other Lives recording their first album. It was produced by Joey and recorded and mixed by Darrell Thorp. I felt something special during the recordings it is an emotional record. One of the best and favorite recordings I was apart of. Once the album was finished I went to Best Buy in Hollywood and bought the CD. 

During my time in LA I got to meet some real cool people Beck, Rza, John Mayer and Butch Vig and worked with some producers and engineers that were just assholes and thought they were big shit and better than everyone else. The two and a half years there I got burntout working an average of 12 to 14 hrs a day and being stuck inside not getting much or any daylight. When the financial crisis was in full effect and with the cost of living there high I decided to move back to Omaha.

That's when my eye condition really started to progress and get worse. I had to go back to LA to have eye surgeries and took a whole year being stuck at home with little vision before my eyes healed. I've also wanted to get out of the Midwest and be back West. I need better treatment than I was getting I'm hoping to get that here in Phoenix and trying to avoid having cornea transplants. When I knew the move would be happening I planned a couple extra days going to northern Arizona to photograph. I packed my car with everything I owed that would fit and took off. I had a scary drive in Colorado through the mountains when it was snowing just hoping I wouldn't slide off the side of the steep mountain. These are the photos from the trip once I get the film processed I will add them later. 

Vacation in Florida

This post is out of order my family took a vacation to Sanibel, FL in April. I just finished up some finals edits and still have film that needs to be developed and scanned. Film photos shot with my Hasselblad 500 CM with Fuji 400h, Kodak Portra 400 and Kodak Ektar film. The film photos were developed and scanned by theFindlab. Digital photos were shot on my Fuji X-E1.



October in Omaha

The fall weather here is beauriful and the best time of year. The summer is hot and humid and winter lasts for six months. Downtown and the Old Market are good places to go with the fall colors, restaurants, bars and coffee. The Old Market reminds me of a neighborhood that you would see in NYC. The Gene Leahy Mall shows an amazing view of downtown at sunset.  I lived there close to half my life and will miss the charm that it can have. But I will not miss the weather and allergies. All photos here were shot on film with my Hasselblad 500CM and Kodak Portra 400 film. They were developed and scanned by theFINDlab.



Dundee neighborhood

Dundee and Happy Hollow neighborhood is where the old money is in Omaha. This is where Warren Buffet lives and where Paul McCarty has been seen when he is in town. The arcitecture in these older houses is refreshing from the plain houses you see in the suburbs. They remind of the houses you see in the Valley and maybe Handcock Park in Los Angeles. I knew the fall would be a perfect time around Halloween to go there to photograph. All photos were shot on with my Hasselblad 500cm and Kodak Portra 400 film. They were developed and scanned by theFindlab.


Brothers Jake and Murray

Since I uploaded this post my brother's Boxer Murray passed away two days before Thanksgiving 2015. It was a hard time for my family we all loved him so much. Murray had such a personality that I have never seen in another dog. He will be missed by us all.  

Corvette car show in Lincoln, NE

September 2013

My family went to Lincoln to see the Corvette car show and I had to bring my cameras. I made two mistakes that a photographer should not make. The first was not checking the batteries in my light meter since I was shooting film. The second was not checking the batteries in my digital Fuji X-E1. Both my light meter and digital camera batteries were dead. I did get just a few shots on my digital camera before it died on me. This is before I got two more batteries for the camera. So my plan was to use the digital camera to get an idea of how to meter. I started with the sunny 16 rule and went from there. These photos were taken on a Mamiya medium format camera with a 2 stop polarizing filter and Fuji Velvia 100 film. The last two photos are digital. I'm very happy with how many photos I took with correct exposures since I was guessing. With slide film you have to be almost spot on with exposing the film it's not like color negative film where you can guess and still have images you can work with.    


Jackson Books

Feb 2014

Jackson Books is located downtown in the Old Market in Omaha. This is definitely the coolest bookstore I've been in. For a photographer there is thousands of photos you could take there. I've haven't been to New York City but I can imagine it there it has so much character. If you're not looking for a book it is still interesting to look around. They have so many books more than I think they know what to do with. In some places you will see books on the floor which adds to the charm. If you live in Omaha or are visiting it is worthing stoping in. And if you are a photographer ask for permission instead of sneaking your camera in. Stores like this help make The Old Market interesting. Photos taken with Fuji X-E1.

Two Birds Bakery

Feb 2014

Two Birds Bakery is an amazing little bakery in Elkhorn, Nebraska. The building was an Post Office and was built by one of the owner's grand father. They bake gluten free, vegan and traditional goodies. My favorite muffins are the Vegan Curry of Kali they are sweet and a little spicy. I was excited when I heard about another Vegan place coming to Omaha. There still isn't many Vegan options in Omaha but its getting better. The owner's of the bakery are Megan and Trilety two very nice ladies. I enjoyed my time there it was fun photographing there I used my Fuji X-E1.